River Glen Wealth Counselors Office

West Des Moines, IA

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Exterior hallway with textured accent wall
Office interior looking into individual offfices
Conference room with textured accent wall
Offices with exterior glazing
Hallway looking into conference room

In need of a larger, more efficient office space, River Glen Wealth Counselors looked to frk to create a space fitting of their growing financial investment company. A calming environment was desired which, along with the name River Glen itself, helped inform the overall design intent and use of unique architectural materials to produce a serenely inviting environment.

The design focuses on the main entry, reception, and conference room as the centerpiece at which visitors and clientele will interact with most. Uniting these spaces and set above a shallow bed of stones is an unbroken “river” or wave wall flowing gracefully throughout the interior, extending out beyond floor to ceiling glass to the exterior corridor as the primary welcoming element of the space. The floor in the lobby flows up the wall behind the reception desk to meet an overhead plane of wood that follows the wave wall and warms the space.

Design Insight

Careful use of materials and placement of glazing allow for privacy where needed yet create an open and calming environment.