Heritage Elementary School

Grimes, IA

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Front Entrance
Front Entrance Corridor
School Cafeteria
Hallway featuring accent color

Heritage Elementary school is an adaptation of an existing frk designed facility in the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District with some essential upgrades including expanded classroom space to accommodate growth. Situated in a planned unit development with strict design guidelines, the exterior design uses these as an advantage to create a building massing and material palette that dovetails with the closely surrounding residential neighborhood.

A raised entry element with high windows makes clear the arrival point of the building while carefully placed windows allow use of natural light instead of artificial for much of the day. Interior materials and colors were used to provide unique identities for each classroom wing while serving double duty as wayfinding. Technology upgrades include wireless internet, LED lighting, increased insulation and a geothermal heating system that outperform current energy codes.  The results are a school that is unique to its context while maintaining a familiar layout for the district.

Design Insight

Strict PUD design guidelines were used as an advantage to create architecture unique to its setting.