Family Consumer Science and Science Classroom Remodel for Des Moines Public Schools

Des Moines, IA

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Des Moines Science classroom with flexible desks and science stations
Des Moines family and consumer science classroom with food preparation stations
Des Moines science classroom with science stations

frk provides the time and attention needed for projects large and small.  Upgrading and renovating the existing FCS and Science classroom casework and finishes in multiple middle and high schools in the Des Moines Public School district wasn’t a large project but it required a great deal of attention.  All work needed to be done within the summer months which meant a limited project construction timeline and required extensive field verification to ensure the new program would fit into each existing space. frk worked closely with district leaders in FCS and Science disciplines to assure District-wide parity while meeting the needs of the programs.

Careful attention was spent organizing details, documents, and the construction schedule to help the client manage the multiple projects with various general contractors underway simultaneously.

Design Insight

By making painstaking efforts to maintain parity and remaining diligent in coordination, frk oversaw impactful improvements to multiple classrooms across the district.