Date Completed
29,000 SF

Southeast Polk High School Athletic Wing

Pleasant Hill, Iowa

The Southeast Polk Athletic Complex comprises a quarter of the 350,000 SF High School. Divided into a main and auxiliary floor, the gymnasiums are separated by a 28 ft tall folding panel wall. Opening this wall yields 29,000 SF for special events. The gymnasiums will accommodate two main basketball courts, or four side basketball courts with four more practice baskets. Markings also outline two main volleyball courts, or nine side volleyball courts. Bleachers can seat 3,000 spectators. Access to the bleachers is primarily from the upper level, thus minimizing traffic at court level. At the upper level a track lines the perimeter of the gymnasiums. A runner lapping the track seven and a half times will complete a mile. The primary scoreboard in the main gym utilizes a large screen video board. Adjacent to the gymnasiums are the locker rooms, wrestling gym, fitness room, competition pool and multipurpose area.