Date Completed
99,400 SF

Ottumwa Liberty Elementary

Ottumwa, IA

Each grade level of the new Liberty Elementary School is housed in a Learning Community, composed of eight classrooms surrounding a shared common space that is used for community learning and small group breakout sessions.  This additional educational space, as well as each Community’s proximity to the Media Center and conference spaces, allows for a high level of flexibility and quick adaptation of physical space to the District curriculum. 

The facility design emphasizes the importance of daylighting and sustainable technologies.  With clerestory windows in all corridors and Learning Communities and daylight sensing lighting technologies, the educational benefits of natural lighting are enhanced by the energy-efficiency of the lighting systems.  In addition, utilizing a geothermal bore-field for the mechanical systems assists the building in reaching the sustainable goal of reducing energy usage by 50% in order to create long-term financial benefits for the District.