Date Completed
52,125 SF

Norwalk Eastview 8-9 School

Norwalk, Iowa

To accommodate Norwalk’s enrollment growth, the school board chose to construct a new school building to house 8th and 9th grade students. Eastview 8-9 is located between the existing high school and middle school on the secondary campus, so that a new shared food service facility and a future media center, auditorium, and spectator gym can be used by all three buildings. The classroom wing contains 14 classrooms serving the core 8th and 9th grade curricula and a four-room art education complex that serves all three buildings. The food service facility includes a production kitchen that serves the entire district plus a servery and dining room for the 6 through 12 grade students. The exterior design is complimentary yet distinctive, through the creative use of masonry, metal wall panels, and a signature canopy.