Date Completed
48,000 SF Add. (09) 18,400 SF Renov. (09) 130,384 SF Add. (96) 14,417 SF Renov. (96)

Johnston High School Additions

Johnston, Iowa

To address the needs of an expanding music program, an enhanced physical education program, and increasing student population, it was necessary for the Johnston Community School District to make improvements and additions to their High School. Two new instrumental music rehearsal rooms, plus office and storage space, were added and the existing music education spaces were renovated to be used exclusively by the vocal program. An 8,000 SF cardio vascular/weight room and an Athletic Director’s office suite were constructed for the physical education and sports programs. In addition to 16 new classrooms, existing classroom spaces were renovated and the servery/dining room remodeled and expanded to provide more room for seating and to create an updated serving program. The existing building welcomed a total of 50,000 SF of new construction and 25,000 SF of renovated spaces.